Volunteer Opportunities

We love our volunteers at Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch. These are just a few of the tasks that we have for volunteers. You can contact our Director of Planning and Resource Development, Bill Schultz, if you are interested in volunteering.

Construct Observation decks
Mow Lawns
Develop Trails
Build and install docks
Trap gophers
Cut down & trim trees
Host tour groups
Remove fences Prepare experiments
Guest Instructors
Advisory Panel
Drive bus
Routine Maintenance
Photography Fundraising

Other things you can do to help with Christ Serve Ranch


Creation Science Learning Center

The most important thing you can do right now is to pray about Christ Serve Ranch and to pledge and donate so that we can move forward with the purchase. Once that is done we’ll be looking for help.

Volunteer Activities

            Servant events

·         Clean up brush and develop trails

·         Build leadership training courses including a challenge course, low ropes, and high ropes courses, and orienteering course.

·         Tear down or renovate existing structures.

·         Build new structures, corrals, tree houses, docks, outdoor worship and lecture areas, etc.

·         Develop and build signage.

·         Plan, develop and build observation and experiment stations.

·         Remove old fence lines and construct new boundary markers, hedges, railings, and barriers.

·         Develop adequate, environmentally appropriate parking.

Consultants and advisors

·         People willing and able to help design our RV center.

·         Help with raising additional ongoing program and facility support including asking for gifts, writing grants, and seeking donations.

·         Curriculum advisors.

·         People to help with web site design, publicity, speaking engagements, power point presentations, technical issues and questions.

·         Naturalists, biologists, and environmental scholars to help develop a Biblically sound approach to maintenance of grounds, facilities, and equipment.

·         Specialists in trees both natural and cultivated.

·         Prayer teams willing to continuously pray about and for Christ Serve Ranch and the participants.

Teaching and hosting

·         Instructors and facilitators for Creation Science and environmental studies.

·         Guides for hiking, bird and nature walks, camping adventures, and more.

·         Hosts and guides for people who want to see and tour Christ Serve Ranch and Lutheran Island Camp.

·         Instructors in fishing, horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing, archery, hunting sports, camping, orienteering, GPS, nature, gardening, Biblical studies, and more.

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