The People

Meet The People Who

Are Making Christ Serve Ranch Happen

Our Volunteers

The Staff

Mr, Ken Erlandson               Ken is the Executive Director of Lutheran Island Camp.
Mr. Bill Schultz Bill is the Director of Planning and Resource Development and the primary contact for Christ Serve Ranch. He is also the instructor for Christ Serve Leadership Training.
Mr. Marvin Swyter Marvin is the Maintenance Director and Wrangler for the Horseback Outreach Program
Stacy Lung

Stacy is helping with program development for Christ Serve Ranch Science and Education Programs. She has her Master’s Degree and is a teacher in several areas of science and math.

Rebecca Butenhoff  Becca is our head wrangler and does many of our Equine College events.

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Volunteer Staff (if you would like to volunteer, contact Bill Schultz)

Loren Kruse  Loren is our vegetable garden volunteer. Each year he plants and tends our vegetable garden. He is from the Willmar, MN area.
 Kathy Issendorf  Kathy loves to garden. She helps in the vegetable garden as well as flower gardens and more at both the ranch and the Island.
David Vik and the dedication committee David is the chairman of the dedication committee and is busy with the committee preparing for the many people who will be joining us on August 28-30, 2015.
Bev Lannon  Is one of our all around volunteers who is working on several major projects. She co-chairs our library team.
Diane Gutnecht Diane is the co-chair of the library team. Along with about 10 other ladies, she is cataloguing and thousands of books that have been donated to our library.
Angela Montana Angela is an expert in the OK Corral Series of horse therapy. She leads a team of other volunteers including, Gary Rehborg and Del Meyer in providing some of the training for our Equine College.
Jason Montana Jason each year provides his back and skill in the trimming of our horses hooves.
Art Bolland Art lend his expertise at the ranch in many ways, He tills the garden, works on various wood projects, and encourages other volunteers to come out to the Ranch.
Gene Meyer Gene is our finishing carpenter. He does much of the trim work on various projects at the ranch.
Dean Bolland Dean lends his farm equipment to us for many different projects. He also often works with his brother Art on projects at the ranch.
Dennis Huwe and Melvin Brasel Whenever there is a construction project Marvin calls on his two friends Dennis and Melvin. Both are great at helping with construction projects.
Robert Swyter Robert is from the Prinsberg area. He often comes up here bearing gifts of hay and corn for the wildlife. He often helps with cutting wood or other projects as he has time.
Del Meyer Del is a great help when we need to have an extra pair of hands at the ranch. He works with the horses, let
Jim Barber Jim is from Big Lake, MN. He helps with his brother-in-law Art Bolland.
Norman Prochnow, Glen Borchers, and Jacque Breman These three gentleman make up our soils team. They have been developing an exhibit about the soils that make up Christ Serve Ranch. They have spent many hours digging and identifying soil types.
Lynn Machula Lynn is our book whisperer. He has donated thousands of books to Christ Serve Ranch and continues to look for new books
Messiah Sartell

This is a group of men who are members at Messiah Lutheran in Sartell, MN who have been working on one of the observation towers at the ranch.

Ellie Smith Ellie comes on a regular basis to groom the horses.

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