The Idea

Genesis 1:1 ff

The Idea

of a

Creation-Science Environmental Learning Center

In November of 2005, the Lutheran Island Camp board of directors met to begin work on their 2006-2010 Strategic Plan. Board members included in their list of ideas, the development of a nature center that would focus on creation. Another element of the plan was the strategy to identify property within 5 miles of the current camp so that we would have a place for expansion of our leadership programs, a site away from children for an RV center, and a place that we could bring our horseback outreach program closer to camp (it was then located 65 miles away).

The strategic plan was adopted in January 2006 and almost immediately we began looking for land to meet our needs. In late March of 2006 we found a 275 acre piece of land about 3 miles from Lutheran Island Camp. As our board surveyed the property, one of the board members thought that it would be ideal as a environmental learning center. That idea grew as we invited scientists, teachers, pastors, naturalists, and others to view the property. In June of 2007 we brought together an advisory panel who helped establish the the vision and purpose of Christ Serve Ranch and the Creation Science Environmental Learning Center.

In 2008 the camp sponsored its first Creation-Science programs in the form of the Young Scientist program. It was a very popular event. In 2009 we added a third Young Scientist program and two Creation Safari camps for 8-11 year olds.

In November of 2008 the camp board established a Task Force which was given the task of purchasing the property and planning the development of programs for the Creation-Science Environmental Learning Center.  That group took on the process and enlisted the help of several committees to focus in on particular areas.

In 2011 the camp once again expanded it’s creation programs and added a Creation Photography camp.  In August and September the Task Force reported that they were very close to being able to purchase the property. After a series of meetings with board members, the necessary details were worked out.

On December 1, 2011 the Friends of Creation-Science Limited Liability Company purchased the property and will be leasing it to Lutheran Island Camp.

Lutheran and Minnesota Heritage – The study of creation-science and its relationship to the Bible has a long Lutheran Heritage. Reverend Walter Lang, an LC-MS pastor,  is credited with starting no fewer than three organizations that continue today. He moved from his parish in Idaho to Minneapolis where he connected with the Twin Cities Creation Science Association. That organization remembers him fondly and continues having many Lutherans involved in its mission. Creation Moments, located in Foley, Minnesota was started by Reverend Lang. For a history of Creationism in the 60’s-80’s written by Walter and Valeria Lang, click here.

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