The Purpose

 After much discussion, the following were identified as the basic objectives for the Creation-Science Environmental Learning Center.

Provide a place for all ages – youth to adult- to study and learn about God’s gift of creation.  
  Provide a place where qualified creation science instructors from around the world would give a week or more to teach creation science and how it relates to us as Christians.
Provide a place and facilities where teachers, parents, schools, youth and high school students are equipped to engage our pagan culture.  
  Provide a place and facilities for specific and comprehensive study of Genesis and creation science and how both relate to our spiritual lives.
Provide a model that can be replicated for other organizations in preparing high school students in areas of science, world views and apologetics.  
  Provide a place where stewardship of resources with some of the most modern exhibits of energy efficiency can be viewed, studied, and accurate results shared.
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