Program Guide

Program Guide

Genesis 1:1 ff

These are program ideas that we are working on. We value your input and suggestions. Please feel free to send them to us at: [email protected]

Program Guide

Spring Forth and Fall Back Retreats                  

Creation springs forth in April and May and with that comes some of the most demonstrative evidence of God’s great plans in Creation. Photographers, hikers, bird watchers, and more will enjoy watching over one hundred bird varieties and many types of wildlife, plants, flowers, and fish as they prepare for the next months. Likewise God’s plan to rest much of nature over the winter months demonstrates itself with the beauty of fall colors, wildlife activity, and fall flights of birds. Participants will stay at LIC and utilize facilities, trails, and observation sites on both properties.

Parochial and Public School visits

One to two day visits by elementary students in the spring and fall will give students a unique view of nature and creation. Activities will range from orienteering and a nature scavenger hunt to plant and insect identification. Crops and animals grown in Biblical times will be available as will opportunities to see the power and majesty of God, the creator of all.

Teaching Creation Science

Many of our parochial school teachers as well as public school teachers don’t know how to teach creation science from a Biblical perspective. This one week course will expose teachers to the most up-to-date creation science and how to teach it. They will discover that much of the “evidence” of evolution is based on false information and false premises. This will be a course for teachers, college students, parents, and others who want to have the tools to respond to questions and challenges to our faith. Courses will provide education credits.

Pastoral Response to Evolution

Pastors tell us that more and more they struggle with confirmation classes, parents, and others who question creation, Biblical truths, and the accuracy of our interpretation of facts of creation. This in-depth study of Biblical creation science and World View theological responses will provide pastors from around the world, the training and resources to make informed responses.

Using Genesis to Teach Evangelism The cross of calvary has little significance unless we understand Genesis and the fall of man. Creation-Science begins and ends at the cross of our Lord. This program will teach participants the reality of Old and New Testament fulfillment.
Youth Scientists Week Parochial elementary schools from across the region and nation will be invited to identify up to two students (5-8th grade) to attend a one week long youth scientist week at camp. Students will have classroom time, Bible Study, fieldwork, experiments utilizing the numerous eco-systems of LIC and Christ Serve Ranch; and fun fishing, swimming, horseback riding and more.
Creation Safari Week

These week long camps for 3-6th grade will allow children see nature from a creation perspective. They will have activities including excavation of animal bones, “hunts” for animals, flowers, and special plants; trapping of insects, rodents, and microscopic pond inhabitants; orienteering, Bible study focusing on creation and messianic prophecy; campfires, fishing, sports, and crafts that are “creative”.

Spring and Fall Harvesting Retreats

God’s plan is for man to “manage” his creation. That stewardship often includes the harvesting of the abundance God has given us. The primary focus for the Spring and Fall Harvesting retreats will be limited harvesting of the turkeys (spring) and deer, ducks, and geese (fall) that are now very abundant in our area.  Bible study focus will be on stewardship of land and resources as well as the spiritual harvesting that we all need to be doing.

Camping Jamboree Weekend

Congregations and individuals will be invited to Christ Serve Ranch and Lutheran Island Camp for Camping Jamborees in the early and late summer. These will need to be self-contained units until we have the RV center developed. Programming will be provided similar to our Family Get-away weekends.

Leadership Training Events

Many of our current and future leadership training programs will utilize the skills and ropes courses that will be developed at Christ Serve Ranch. New group work dynamics exercises and equipment will be developed or constructed.

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