Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education Program

Join us for a 1, 2, or 3 day Outdoor Education Retreat during the Autumn, Winter, or Spring. Each season has its own attributes and lessons to teach. We will work with your group to provide a quality education program of science, the environment, and stewardship of God’s gift of creation.  The basic cost is $50 per person per day and includes teaching, meals, and lodging. We can work with your group to find ways to get funding to cover some of the costs of your program.  Some activities such as horseback riding may have an extra cost. To download a brochure about our Outdoor education and science kits lending library, click here.

This group of students helped prepare over 20 mushroom logs. They drilled holes, inserted mushroom spore plugs, and prepared the logs to grow mushrooms.

These youth were studying birds and found a giant nest at the ranch.  Fortunately the bird was out of the nest at the time.

Some outdoor education groups use our mountain bikes to get from exhibit to exhibit or activity.

Almost every outdoor education group spends time with our horses. They learn about the physical attributes that these magnificent animals have.

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