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Graniteman says:

Wow! What a great site. This program is really needed. God created the heavens and the earth. Then man sinned, but Jesus on the cross saved. We have to know and believe Genesis to understand Good Friday.

Thank you! It is important work. We’d love to have you come and visit.

I was really excited when I read your letter.  You couldn’t have found a topic more dear to my heart and my faith in our Triune God as the great Creator of everything.  Some brief background on myself and then a couple of questions.  I love the sciences and it began in about 7th or 8th grade for me.  By the time I was a senior in high school I had my career already pegged.  I was going to be a Taxonomic Entomologist for the USDA or so I thought.  I worked my tail off at school and was awarded the science award my senior year in high school. I even managed to beat out the class valedictorian.  I was blessed with a science scholarship when I started my post high school training at the University of Minnesota, Duluth.  By the time I was a sophomore at the U I found that there was a major obstacle in my beloved science future.  It was what I like to call a religion on to itself.  It was evolution.  It was crammed down my throat in every biology class I took.  I hated it. I could see how it conflicted with my Christian faith that God was holding me too.  I talked to my home pastor about it. I was blessed as our pastor was a devout Creationist.  He was a second career pastor and he had been a biochemist before that.  We really connected and he was very supportive.  My advisor at the U happened to be a Lutheran (ALC) and I even found out that he had a son training to be a pastor at Luther-Northwestern.  I had a number of creation/evolution discussions with him.  He was a theistic evolutionist.  He agreed with me that in this next invertebrate class I would be taking he would mention that there is another theory concerning the origin of life and it is called creation.  He backed out on me. He was probably afraid of the backlash.  I managed to graduate with a B.S.(a Major in Biology and a Minor in Chemistry) in 1978.  I started my first year at Graduate school at the U of M St. Paul campus.  I lasted all of one quarter.  Once again it was EVOLUTION, EVOLUTION, EVOLUTION. I did an about face. I left my beloved science from a professional career standpoint. I tried a number of different career choices.  The Lord led me to Concordia St. Paul where I met my wife to be.  I had almost three years of seminary training in when I decided I didn’t have what it would take to be a great pastor. I left what many told me was my ideal occupation.  I am still serving the Lord as a very active leader in our church (Concordia Lutheran, S. St. Paul, MN.  My family has made several trips to Lutheran Island Camp.  None recently but we did do two years at the camp when my siblings all lived in Minnesota and my dad’s health was good.  I love Lutheran Island Camp and I think this idea of yours is great.  The Lord Jesus has blessed us with five children.  Our youngest is an eighth grader this year and she will be confirmed in May.  The Lord has given our youngest what I consider the greatest amount of faith.  I know she is being presented with evolution full bore in the school system.  I believe she has the faith that it will take to remain true to God’s Word.  However, having said this and having worked with our youth in church I know the World has its impact on our youth.  Many of them fall away after confirmation (including some of our own).

This learning center is just what our church body needs.  When our oldest daughter started her post high school education she began at Concordia St. Paul.  She had a biology class that first semester and she had a shirt tail relative of ours teaching the class.  I had a large number of guppies and goldfish to dispose of so I made a call to CSP got a hold of the instructor and made the arrangements for the donation.  When I chatted briefly with this individual and asked him about the origin of life he told me these words that have stuck in my throat.  ”Well you know evoution is the best possible model”.  Says who, certainly not God’s word.  I was ashamed that our church body (LCMS) allows this to happen.

Now for the sad reality of life.  Yes the Lord has blessed me in many ways.  Financially he has not seen fit to do this.  Would there be any way I could use Thrivent to possibly match a small gift to this worthwhile project?  I am also going to mention this project to my father.  Perhaps he can make a more significant donation.

It is my sincere prayer that the Lord blesses this project and brings it to fruition.  May our GREAT GOD bless you over and over again as you seek to serve him.

Your brother in Christ,

Bruce A. Avenson


From: Date: 03/11/2008 08:56:21 AM

To: Subject: Chariot Wheels Found In Red Sea

Most interesting….check out the website at the bottom also…  

April 18, 2008

…The Christ Lutheran Church Board of Directors met last night and voted, unanimously, to support the efforts  of you and your staff in getting the Creation-Science Environmental Learning Center off to a great start.

Enclosed is a check in the amount of $2000 to assist you in that task.

Thank you for all the information…Most of it is still on display in the Fellowship Commons.

In His Service,

David Buchholz

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