Horses are an important part of what is happening here at Christ Serve Ranch.  The horses here provide us with a beautiful example of how God created tremendous genetic diversity within each of the created kinds.  This variability within the genetic code is part of his provision for life, allowing it to adapt in response to changing conditions.  Like other domestic animals, horses can be selectively bred to emphasize desired traits already written into the genetic information of the horse.  Large draft horses can be bred with an emphasis on size and strength, while miniature horses are bred with the smallest features in mind.  In addition to size, speed and gait can also be selected for in breeding programs.

The horse series is often presented in evolutionary literature as an excellent example of the evolution of body styles.  The first “horse presented in this series is a small animal with four toes on the front feet and three on the rear feet.  The series illustrations indicate that this small version of the horse would increase in size and over a series of intermediate changes, lose some toes becoming the large, one toed horse of today.  The problem is that the fossils to support this illustration don’t match the fossil record and often fossils of that are supposed to have lived at different times are found in the same rock layers or in a reversed order.

Horses at the Ranch are used for more than just an illustration of genetic diversity, however.  The Equine College provides programs to help groups with leadership skills.  They are also used to benefit individuals facing various challeges and families wanting to spend quality time together while building relationships.  Horses also play a significant role in our historical education and science programs.

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