Equine College

Our Horses Teaching the Lessons of Life 

Our Christ Serve Equine College is a faith based Equine Learning and Leadership Development program that uses the OK Corral Series as the basis for instruction. Our faculty of 26 great horses and 5 instructors can lead your congregation, family, business, or group through a series of exercises designed to help you identify challenges, develop solutions to problems, and develop leadership skills.

Horses have a unique ability to reflect the moods and personalities of the people around them. These wonderful creations provide a way for our participants to have a unique experience.

Individual Benefits

Equine learning has been used successfully for individual challenges as well. Excellent results have been generated with reintegrating veterans, people with addictions, leadership development, and people in trouble with the law.

Congregations and Groups

Whether it is leadership development, strategic planning, or problem solving, the Christ Serve Equine College can work with you to develop a weekend or week day event that will not only be memorable, but also will lead to new understanding for participants.


Families face many challenges today but who can resist spending time with a horse? We provide opportunities for families to spend quality time together while helping them understand the relationships and challenges that they face.  Families learn about such things as decision making, communication, goal setting, discipline that works, and setting boundaries.


Because each event is unique both in terms of number of horses and instructors as well as lodging and meal requirements, we’ll work with you to provide a quality experience at an affordable price.    In some instances, scholarship money may be available for individuals and families.

Our Faculty of 26 horses and 5 Instructors plus experts in planning, family, fund development, and more are ready to help you have a great workshop, planning meeting, or retreat.

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