2014 Summer Camps

2014 Christ Serve Academy

Defenders of the Faith

This new event provides teens 13 and older with the opportunity to learn what a Christian Worldview is all about.Defenders of the Faith is a Leadership Camp unique to Christ Serve Academy.  Defenders of the Faith reaches out to students aged 13-18 from across the region, training and equipping them to understand and apply their faith in Jesus Christ.  Defenders of the Faith goes beyond the ‘camp high,’ reaching deep into the hearts and minds of students with the truths of Scripture.

Defenders of the Faith will be the best week in the young lives of the students. The training, the experiences, the faculty will be instrumental in solidifying their faith.  Students who spend a week at Defenders of the Faith will walk away better equipped to engage culture, stand up for the gospel, and think critically about the world around them.  The world is replete with divergent theologies, philosophies, and worldviews, all of which will ultimately be found lacking.  Attending Defenders of the Faith allows students to dive deep into scriptural truths allowing them to defend their faith as they move forward in their lives. This program is limited to 50 participants.

Ages: 13-18

Dates and Cost: June 15-20. $600 before April 1, $700 after. Check our website for discounts and scholarship information.

Deposit: $100

To register on-line  click on the camp logo. 

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Christ ServeSM Leadership Training Camp

Christ Serve Leadership Training provides youth with a unique opportunity to be trained in leadership skills, then put those skills into practice. Young people who would like to someday be on staff at Lutheran Island Camp or who desire to be Teen Servants/Junior Counselors should attend this program. We seek to identify, inspire, develop, and train young leaders for life-long service in the church and in their communities. Some of the program will be done in our Equine College and at Christ Serve Ranch.

Ages: 14 and older

Dates and Cost: #1 June 8-13; #2 June 15-20   $160.


To register on-line  click on the camp logo. 

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Adult Christian Worldview Camp 

The Adult Christian Worldview Camp will make use of scholarly theologians, scientists, and teachers who are uniquely qualified and who support the Mission and Faith Statement of Christ Serve Academy.  They will utilize biblical truths and sound empirical science in their teaching.

The Adult Christian Worldview Camp will offer a curriculum that will delve into Scripture, encourage the proper use of reason to discern the false from the true, carefully weigh empirical evidence, and bring to light how nature still points to an all-powerful and wise Designer.  There will be classroom studies on the Bible, creation science, apologetics, worldviews, evangelism, social issues (marriage, sanctity of life) as well as experiments and hands-on learning within the beautiful environment of Christ Serve Ranch and other intriguing natural settings.  These studies will also show the important connection between Creation and the work of Salvation through Christ. 

Ages: 16 and older

Dates and Cost: August 17-22 $700 before April 1. $800 after.

Deposit: $200

To register on-line  click on the camp logo.      

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