Christ Serve Ranch

Animal Residents

  This female skunk chose the warm morning sunshine to take her brood for a walk to relocate into a quieter location. This picture was taken near the Beaver Lodge Observation Tower.
This snapping turtle chose a newly graded beach area at the ranch to lay her eggs. Snapping turtle eggs can hatch in the late summer or can winter through until spring. They are subject to heavy predation by birds and animals and even fish.  
  Turkeys have a great habitat at Christ Serve Ranch. They eat acorns, bugs, seeds, and will wonder into neighboring fields to enjoy corn and soy beans.  We have several flocks at the ranch. Polts are subject to predators like coyotes, fox, and raptors.
This Pileated woodpecker is one of several varieties of woodpecker that call Christ Serve Ranch home. They enjoy eating bugs from dead or dying trees. We recently observed a basswood tree that had died and within 4 years the woodpeckers had pecked hundreds of holes which filled with water which hosted bacteria which attracted bugs which attracted woodpeckers. At the end of that 4 year period, the tree had collapsed and became a pile of mushy (scientific term) bio mass.