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Christ Serve Ranch

Christ Serve Ranch is a beautiful 275 acre parcel of land that has just been purchased and will be developed into a resource for Lutheran Island Camp and the church at large. It will serve as the outdoors classroom for our Creation-Science Environmental Learning Center. The property will also provide a wonderful site for many of our adult and youth leadership programs. Finally, we will eventually locate an RV center on the property for tents, trailers, and RV's. If you would like to schedule a tour of Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch, please give us a call at 218-583-2905.  The physical location of Christ Serve Ranch is 24307 Hiway 5, Henning, MN. You must have someone from our staff accompany you to or meet you at the ranch.

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This site will provide an excellent place for an observation tower to watch as animals come in to drink and beavers, muskrats, and water fowl eat and play.
  The yard will be the staging area for many of the tours as well as providing the starting point for horseback rides, cross country skiing, and other exploring of Christ Serve Ranch
God's plan for creation includes birds and animals "increase on the earth." Genesis 1:22. Christ Serve Ranch teems with wildlife doing just that.  
  Christ Serve Ranch is home to many deer, turkeys, geese, ducks, fox, coyote, and other animals.
This meadow provides an excellent habitat for many of the animals at Christ Serve Ranch. It will be the site for experiments and observations for Young Scientists.  
  Scientists and naturalists who have visited Christ Serve Ranch marvel at the diversity of plantlife. Many rare plants can be found nestled in the woods. Lady slippers, other orchids, wild grapes, wild geraniums, strawberries, and numerous varieties of trees are waiting to be discovered by young and old alike.
God's plan for dealing with sin and death brought on by Adam and Eve's disobedience calls for Christ to fulfill the law and take on our punishment. When sin entered the world, it changed lots of things God created. Mosquitos became pests, but God designed dragonflies to keep them in check.
  Christ Serve Ranch is at the confluence of the woodlands of Minnesota and the prairies that extend out into the Dakotas. Because of that, native prairie grasses are taking over what was once a field.
The forest areas of Christ Serve Ranch will provide wonderful habitat and trails for observation, riding, hiking, photography, and experimentation.
  Christ Serve Ranch has about 2200 feet of lake shore on West Mason Lake. It is an ideal lake for canoing, kayaking, fishing, and learning about fish and wildlife.
Experts believe that there are at least 90 species of birds at Christ Serve Ranch. This red-winged blackbird is one of the first to arrive in the spring.