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2015 Summer Programs

As Christ Serve Ranch becomes a fundamental part of the programming for Lutheran Island Camp, we thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to have our campers learn more about themselves as God’s creation. “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “Who is God?” “How do I share my faith?” These are the questions we hope to answer through the programming we will have in 2015.  Our overall theme for 2015 is based on Luke 5:26 - " And amazement seized them all, and they glorified God and were filled with awe, saying, “We have seen extraordinary things today.”:

Extraordinary Things

Our goal is that campers will have a better understanding of God’s gift of Creation through participation in our programs.

This year many of our campers will have the opportunity to visit Christ Serve Ranch. This beautiful 275 acres is just 3 miles from Lutheran Island Camp. It will be where our horseback riding program, creation programs, leadership programs, and many of our adventure programs will be based from.

 Click on the program you are interested in and you will be directed to more information and on-line registration.


Various dates              Adult Servant Events

Various dates              Outdoor Education

Various dates              Public and Parochial School events.

Various dates              Gardening at the Ranch

 31                                The Great Ice Age in Minnesota  




May 30                        Open House

May 31 – June 5          Horse Servant Event Week

5-7                               Sonshine Horse Camp weekend

5-7                               Creation Art/Photography Camp  

5-7                               Mother/Daughter Horseback weekend

7-12                             Voyageur/Teen Trek Creation Art Camp

7-12                             Christ Serve Ranch Servant Event 1

7-12                             Young Scientist Camp -

7-12                             Christ Serve Leadership Training 1

 8-10                            Sonshine Horse Camp

10-12                           Sonshine Horse Camp

12-14                           Getting to Know God

12-14                           Boys Survivor Club

 12-14                          Beginner Horse Camp Weekend

12-14                           Teen Trek/Young Adult Horse Weekend Horse Camp

14                                The Great Ice Age in Minnesota 

14-19                           Trailblazer STEAM Camp

14-19                           Voyageur STEAM Camp

14-19                           Wrangler Horse Camp 1 

14-19                           Christ Serve Leadership Training 2

14-19                           Christ Serve Ranch Servant Event 2

14-19                           Advanced Beginner Horse Camp 1 

19-21                           Getting to Know God 

21-26                           Trailblazer Prairie and Woods Camp  

21-26                           Christ Serve Ranch Servant 3

21-26                           Tenderfoot Horse Camp 1

26-28                           Beginner Horse Camp 1






-          July 3                   Wrangler Horse Camp 2

5                                  The Great Ice Age in Minnesota 

5-10                             Voyageur Eco Adventure

5-10                             Christ Serve Ranch Servant Event 4

5-10                             Tenderfoot Horse Camp 2

10-12                           Getting to Know God 

10-12                           Beginner Horse Camp 2

12                                The Great Ice Age in Minnesota 

12-17                           Trailblazer STEAM Camp

12-17                           Voyageur STEAM Camp

12-17                           Voyageur/Teen Trek Project Impact

12-17                           Tenderfoot Horse Camp 3

12-17                           Christ Serve Ranch Servant Event 5

17-19                           Beginner Horse Camp 3

17-19                           Voyageur Weekend at CSR

19-24                           Tenderfoot Horse Camp 4

19-24                           Christ Serve Ranch Servant Event 6

24-26                           Beginner Horse Camp 4

26-31                           Tenderfoot Horse Camp 5







2-7                               Wrangler Horse Camp 3

2-7                               Cowboy Wrangler Camp

7-9                               Beginner Horse Camp 5

9-14                             Tenderfoot Horse Camp 6 

16-21                           Teen Trek Science Skills Boot Camp

16-21                           Wrangler Horse Camp 4

23-27                           Adult Christian Worldview open conference

23-28                           STEAM for Home School  

23-28                           Science Skills Boot Camp for Home School   

28-30                           Christ Serve Ranch Dedication